Library closed due to flooding

I received not-so-good word from the Southborough Library Director, Ryan Donovan:

Due to flooding caused by the severe rainfall this morning, the Southborough Library will be closed until further notice.

[Facilities Director] John Parent is working with the fire dept. to minimize as much damage as possible.

Donovan promises to keep me advised – and I’ll in turn keep readers advised. But you might be able to skip a step by following the Library on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s not the first time the Library had to close due to water. But I’m hoping this issue comes nowhere nears the 2009 flood. That caused an about 2 month long closure of the downstairs Children’s room while damage was repaired.

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Jane Cain
5 years ago

Beth, thanks for this – and looking forward to updates. Sad that I read this has happened again…saw it on Twitter, so will keep an eye on progress. My thoughts are with you all – Kim, Pat, Heidi, Sue, et. al.

Jane Cain, Yarmouthport, MA

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