Police: Boro Jail Diversion, Full Accreditation, 2nd DARE Officer, scams, logs and other news

The Southborough Police Department made two big announcements recently. So, it’s time for another roundup of SPD news – along with overdue logs.

This week, the SPD touted a new partnership with Westborough and Northborough. A “Boro Jail Diversion Program” will share mental health resources. It’s scheduled to launched by the start of the new year.

Learn more about that through the post below. (It includes a link to a YouTube video about Framingham’s successful program.)

You can also read MWDN coverage of the inititative here.

Last week, the SPD announced that it met it’s previously shared goal – following up its Certification by the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission to achieve a Full Accreditation (link):

Working backwards, here are some more kudos posted by the SPD this fall for staff accomplishments: 

As promised, the SPD added another DARE Officer to its roster. This will allow expansion of the DARE program to cover 7th grade in addition to its ongoing work with 5th graders. (Officer Richards explained to the School Committee earlier this month that this wasn’t a proforma certificate program. It required extensive studying and work to complete and pass the course.) (link)

Last month, the department was proud to share that the Chief represented Southborough in a fundraising walk:

Chief Paulhus took part in the 30th Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk today, along with members of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association.

Chief Paulhus would like to thank the Southborough Police Association for their sponsorship. A great day for a great cause!

In September, the SPD congratulated an employee on her promotion to full-time status:

Please join us in congratulating Robyn Richards on her appointment to Full-time Dispatcher with the Southborough Police Department. Robyn has been working as a part-time dispatcher with the SPD, since May of this year. She is also currently a part-time dispatcher with the Town of Upton Police Department. Her unanimous appointment by the Board of Selectmen was earlier this week, and her first assigned shift will be the Day Shift. Congratulations Robyn!

The department was also proud to acknowledge a member of their Reserve force, Captain Hagen, for his retirement from “a 28 year career in the Navy Reserve” (link)

Of course, the force is responsible for dealing with crime and emergencies in town. So, it would be unusual for all the news to be good.

Earlier this month, the SPD alerted the community about a scammer posing as a National Grid employee:

Scam alert!

A Southborough resident received a phone call from a National Grid phone number, advising him that he was $1,000 overdue on his electric bill. The caller stated that if he wished to remedy the issue, he would have to contact a specific phone number in order to make a payment. The victim contacted the number and spoke to a male individual.
The male advised the victim that he would have to purchase two (2) five hundred dollar ($500) moneypak gift cards, and to contact them with the serial numbers on the back of the cards.

The victim completed the task. When the victim called the second time, the individual stated that he actually owed $900 more to National Grid. At this point, the victim contacted Southborough Police.

We share this information- not to embarrass anyone- but to make sure these scammers have a hard time finding any more victims. Please “share” this post with your friends and family- especially the elderly. They are frequently the targets of these scams.
Thank you for sharing!

I’m sure that wasn’t the only scam attempt by phone or email. Since the last batch of SPD logs I shared covering late August – police logged 13 listings of reports of “Larceny /Forgery/ Fraud”. There were also two reports of a “past Burglary”.

The police logs are always a good reminder to drive carefully out there. In the postings for this month and last, the SPD responded to 21 car accidents, some of which resulted in injuries. Three of those ended in arrests. Those were out of at least thirteen arrests in the logs, with ten that included OUI charges.

(There were also a whole lot of traffic citations – so keep an eye on your speedometers.)

The 13 arrests don’t cover all of the criminal charges pressed by the SPD this fall.

Charges reported as pressed against a Fay employee over alleged threats and a Madison Place resident and friend over a discharged gun stemmed from incidents simply listed under “Disturbance”. “Criminal Applications” subsequently sought through the court aren’t listed in the logs. 

With that in mind, you may be interested in knowing that the logs include 11 other “Disturbance” reports this fall.

Given the length of the logs covering two months, I opted not to include them directly in this post. To read them, click here to open a pdf covering September 1st – October 28th.

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5 years ago

What’s with the GIANT gaps in the report above? Are there photos that were supposed to have gone into the story?

As the advertisement for The National Enquirer used to say, “Inquiring minds (like mine!) want to know!”.

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