Photo Gallery: Santa Day weekend 2018

Above: Excited kids rushed to be first to greet the big man after he flew into town on Saturday. (photo by Beth Melo)

It was a beautiful weekend in Southborough for all the pre-Christmas festivities that were taking place. The main attraction was Saturday at noon when Santa Clause flew in to celebrate Santa Day.

The field was muddy in spots, and a layer of fall leaves created a stir when the copter touched down. But the weather was fine and spirits were high.

Here are my photos from the big event:

Eager crowd watching Santa circle the field Helicopter landing Flying leaves Santa disembarks

Kids start to rush Santa Santa Greets the crowd with waves and high fives (photo by Joao Melo) Shaking hands Getting hugs

beaming faces Everyone loves Santa Well, maybe some kids aren't so sure about him Another nervous tot

Olaf entertains the line across the street More joy inside later

Santa Day wasn’t the only game in town. I couldn’t to make it to everything this year. But I did snap a couple of pics from some other weekend highlights.

Enthusiastic crowd at the Friday Night Girl Scout Singalong Girl Scout's successful collection for Project Just Because Boy Scout Troop 92 annual Kids Shop The day also included the adult oriented Art and Gift sale

Updated (12/4/18 7:45 am): Some of the pics I originally placed were too large for the site. I replaced with smaller versions.

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3 years ago

Such a great event.
Kudos to those who organize and volunteer and contribute to this wonderful fund raiser.
Kicks off the holidays in a very special way… It’s become a real tradition in our town over the years….

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