Puzzle Club: Piece together finely crafted puzzles – mornings of March 15 & April 12

Above: The Library invites adults to “a relaxing, yet stimulating time and good conversation over finely crafted puzzles. ” (images cropped from flyer & vendor website)

The Southborough Library is launching another monthly “club”. This one is unrelated to books. As welcome news to adult patrons who had been looking for a daytime activity, the first two sessions are scheduled for Friday mornings.

Wentworth group puzzle (image cropped from Piecefully Yours website)Adults who drop in during “Puzzle Club” hours can play with premium quality woodcrafted puzzles. Participants can work on an image as part of a group or tackle a smaller one by themselves in the social setting. 

The Puzzle Club will be working with “finely crafted” Wentworth puzzles lent by “Piecefully Yours: Marta’s Jigsaw Library & Gift Shop”. The program is sponsored by The Friends of the Southborough Library. No registration is required for the free events.

unrelated Library Community Puzzle table (from Facebook)It’s worth pointing out that the club is unrelated to the community puzzle table some of you may have seen recently at the Library. (That table invites any patrons wandering by to pitch in on piecing together a puzzle. It features ordinary cardboard jigsaws – not wooden Wentworth puzzles.)

Marta will be running the sessions on Fridays March 15th and April 12 from 10:30 am – noon. She’ll be bringing puzzles from her extensive Wentworth collection for patrons to use. 

Any puzzles incomplete at the end of the March session will be preserved for patrons to complete at the next session. (That doesn’t mean you have to attend in March in order to take part in April.)

Wentworth pieces vary in size and include unusual and whimsical shapes (image from Piecefully Yours website)According to Marta, Wentworth puzzles are prized for offering challenging designs, unique shapes and whimsy puzzle pieces. 

From the Piecefully Yours website:

Wentworth puzzle pieces are uniquely shaped and the designs are first drawn by hand. Typically no two puzzle pieces are the same, the edge and corner pieces can be fiendish and you should not be surprised to discover straight edges in the middle of the puzzle either. When you are down to the last three pieces, you may still wonder what goes where and whether you have all the pieces you need!

Wentworth whimsy pieces (image from Piecefully Yours website)Wentworth puzzles follow the Victorian puzzle-making tradition with their famous “whimsy” pieces that are intricate and artistically designed puzzle shapes that reflect the image theme. They can also be shaped like letters and spell a greeting such as “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Anniversary”, etc. Wentworth whimsies are always a delightful surprise and they make a great conversation piece.

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5 years ago

Check out http://www.bogartswoodenjigsawpuzzles.com/
Amazing creations!

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