Town Meeting: Final votes; stay tuned for details

Summing up what happened at Town Meeting for those who missed it is going to take me some time. But posting about events without mentioning the meeting (after so many posts leading up to it) feels like not talking about the elephant in the room. 

So, I wanted to assure you, a write up is coming.

In the meantime, here is the quick recap of the final votes on the Articles discussed Saturday night:

Passed27: Appropriation from CPA Funds – Removal of Invasive Species

Amended then Passed25: Amend Town Code – Date and Time of Annual Town Meeting

Passed26: Amend Town Code – Demolition Delay Hearing Process 

Passed27: Amend Town Code – Prohibition of Meetings on Election Day or during Weather related closings

Passed28: Amend Town Code – Public Trees

The following were all Articles brought to Town Meeting by Citizen Petitions:

Amended then Passed29: Amend Town Code: Electioneering

Failed30: Establish Recreation Resources Committee

Failed – 31: Amend Town Code: Attendance Records for Elected Boards

Failed – 32: Amend Town Code: Advisory Committee

Failed – 33: Amend Town Code: Town Counsel

Failed – 34: Amend Town Code: Prohibited Conduct Policy

Amended then Passed – 35: PILOT Agreements

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Anita W Reeder
3 years ago

LOVED having TM on a Saturday! Would like to see it start earlier and be done by dinner, though :-) I think the turnout was great, but not everyone came back after the 2 hour dinner break. Thank you to Moderator Cimino, the Selectmen, Advisory and all the boards who so tirelessly work and prepare for our TM, and for the countless hours they put in throughout the year.

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