Main Street Update: Avoid area near Parkerville, Deerfoot and Sears roads (Updated)

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by Beth Melo on May 22, 2019

This morning, I ran into a terrific traffic jam on Main Street on my way to Neary School to chaperone a field trip. (Which is why I couldn’t post a warning then. Sorry.)

Fortunately for me, we figured out an alternate path. Apparently, the situation isn’t expected to improve today or tomorrow – since police are asking others to do the same.

(It sounds like there’s no required detour. So, for some of you, that may mean consulting an app to determine the best route for your destination.)

This afternoon, Southborough Police Department asked me to share this notice:


Main St. reconstruction work is in full swing in the area of Parkerville Road, Deerfoot Road, and Sears Road.

Please expect long delays, especially during the morning commute.

We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to seek alternate routes. Thank you.

Updated (5/23/19 8:18 am): Public Works issued a project update clarifying to expect the delays in the area to last through the end of the month:

Water main portion of project continues for next several weeks

Expect heavy traffic and delays over the next week (5-23 through 5/31) in the Deerfoot, Parkerville and Fay School area.

Historic wall work at the town Common will continue.

There will be no work on Memorial Day. Please be mindful of construction fencing and warning devices (i.e. cones, barrels), cautioning people about trip/fall hazards, while participating in the Town’s Memorial Day activities.

1 Just a Suggestion May 22, 2019 at 11:52 PM

Would it be possible to simply start the work just at the tail end of the commuter hour, say 9am? That would save taxpayers and business owners endless headaches and loss of time and money. As it is, just when you thought traffic couldn’t get worse, it is.

How could the EDC, the developers bullhorn, even think of adding traffic to these roadways. Their endless and inappropriate bullying (the same 3 to 4 persons) of planning board is shameless. This group is led by a self-admitted chair who “is not a zoning expert.” Unbelievable.

And that’s exactly the problem: A group of persons who have no professional expertise whatsoever in municipal planning and zoning. They wave the overly touted ULI study, which does not even begin to address the essentials of planning, including traffic impacts resulting from possible zoning changes. To have these fee driven wolves draft zoning bylaw is ludicrous. It’s like asking the developers themselves to just open the candy store and stuff their pockets at the taxpayers expense and at the expense of the true stakeholders, the downtown residents. These individuals truly lack the necessary expertise to keep from ruining downtown. They are just looking to stuff their clients pockets and their partners pockets, which is against state ethics laws. BOS should recognize and maintain separation of powers and avoid the politicizing of an important effort. Lastly, can someone on BOS please hold the conflict ridden members accountable.

2 Redsox999 May 24, 2019 at 12:48 PM

Starting at 9 means the project would take longer , meaning more money from the taxpayers . Just avoid the area I say. It’s construction, it’s not going to please everyone .

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