Astrophotography at the Library and launch of a new Natural Sciences Club

Above: On June 4th, a Southborough resident will share astrophotagraphy from his own backyard. (images courtesy of, copyright D. Helman)

The Southborough Library is hosting a “Tour of the Cosmos” in less than two weeks.

The evening will feature photographs of astronomical objects and celestial events taken “from the Dark Skies of Southborough”.

The “astrophotographs” were taken by Southborough’s Dr. Destin Heilman from in his backyard observatory. On Tuesday, June 4th from 7:00 – 8:30 pm, he will:

describe the astronomy, the photography, and the environmental science that goes into each beautiful image.

You can get a preview courtesy of his website On it, he shares some gorgeous shots (much larger than I could include on the blog) and related details.

The night will also serve to introduce a brand new club in town. The event is sponsored by The Natural Sciences Club of Southborough.

One of the event organizers explained that the club is the brain child of several Southborough residents. The Library talk will serve as an introductory meeting.

Members hope to provide attendees with more information on the club and how to join. Both the club and talk will be geared towards adults. But they do also expect and welcome families with children. 

The founders are still fleshing out details, but the club’s focus will extend beyond astronomy. Future meeting ideas include more talks, nature walks and other potential activities (like maybe building bat houses).

primer equipment from stellarsolace.comIf you were hoping to focus more on learning astrophotography, don’t be disappointed. Heilman is sure to give some pointers on the 4th. You can also check out the primer on his website.

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