Bus update: Routes updated (really); Access the correct version here

Earlier today, Superintendent Greg Martineau promised parents that he would be posting updated bus routes by 2:00 pm today. It appears that they kept that promise. But if your device is like mine, you might have been angered by the impression that  flagrant errors hadn’t been fixed.

I found out the hard way that some devices were pulling up the old version. And even using devices that pulled up the new version, somehow they sometimes reverted to the old one.

I contacted the Superintendent’s office and they appear to have now fixed the problem. You can find the latest routes here. But, in case there are future glitches, I also saved the newest version and attached it to the blog. You can open that pdf here.

Now here is the Superintendent’s message from earlier today: 

Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s):

We are writing to update parents and guardians on the District’s transportation plan. We continue to fine-tune the routes as we incorporate the feedback received. Updated routes will be posted by 2 p.m. today, August 27, 2019. Additionally, District personnel are in the process of contacting those individuals who completed the NSBORO Transportation Communication Form to relay updated information and to provide clarification. We appreciate your patience and partnership.

Key Information:

The timing of routes may be off the first couple of weeks of school as drivers learn their routes. We will be collecting daily arrival times for each bus and we will make adjustments based on the data collected.

Please have your child at the bus stop ten minutes early.

We are anticipating delays due to ongoing roadwork and projects. We’re working with our town officials to ensure that North Reading Transportation (NRT) has updated roadwork information.

Routes will be frozen for the first two weeks of school to provide time for bus drivers to learn their routes. However, safety concerns and missing stops will be addressed sooner.

Please review the route start times as many of them have been adjusted to accommodate traffic and road projects.

Once again, we extend our thanks to families for their continued partnership and patience as we work to provide transportation to our students.


Pauline Joncas Rebecca Pellegrino

Transportation Coordinator Director of Finance and Operations

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