Finn School asks community to volunteer time to help in the Classroom

Above: Finn School is looking for volunteers to lend a hand in the classroom with regular academic activities. (images cropped from the school’s Facebook page and website)

Mary E. Finn Elementary School is Southborough’s public school for preK through 1st graders.  Obviously, that’s an age where a lot of students require individual attention. Unfortunately, Principal Clayton Ryan tells me that over the years there has been a huge decline in regular classroom volunteers to support teachers’ efforts. 

Ryan is hoping that if people are aware of the school’s need, they’ll be interested in making a difference.

Here is his call for volunteers:

The Finn School is looking for parent and community volunteers who could help out in our Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 classrooms. Ideally, anyone who volunteers would be able to commit to a consistent, schedule. This is because of the potential of volunteers assisting in running content (Math, Literacy, Science, etc..) specific centers and activities. However, any time given is greatly appreciated.

All volunteers are asked to fill out a State Mandated CORI form and adhere to the district’s confidentiality agreement, protecting student rights to privacy, prior to volunteering.

Please contact me if you have the interest, consistent time, and want to make a positive difference in the lives of our students.

Anyone interested can contact Principal Ryan at 508-485-3176. ext. 101 or by emailing

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4 years ago

So sad to see the reduction in classroom volunteers at those early grades.
I think parent in-classroom volunteering shows the kids how importantly their parents value their education and I’m sure it has been one of the factors that have always made Southboro public schools so good.
I can say firsthand… we volunteered back in the day and it was quite rewarding.

4 years ago
Reply to  southsider

Unfortunately it’s simply not possible for many parents if they both work outside of the house full time. Parents should be made to feel ‘less than’ if they can’t volunteer.

4 years ago
Reply to  northsider

I think you might have meant “shouldn’t” be made to feel less than.

I’m wondering if working parents can volunteer at school under the family leave act? Does anyone know?

4 years ago
Reply to  Interested

Yes thank you ‘Interested’, that was a typo.

4 years ago

I did a lot of classroom volunteering back in the day at Finn and Woodward, Talked about the importance of trees and insects and diseases and how they effect our health and the environment, It was fun and rewarding, Highly recommended it

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