Workshop on Plastic Production & Reduction – October 12

by Beth Melo on October 4, 2019

Plastic Production and Reduction flyer

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Earlier this week, I posted about a student-led workshop at the Southborough Library this Saturday on Entrepreuneurship. The Library is hosting another student-led workshop one week later. This one focuses on the environment.

Southborough sisters Simi and Sia Ghandi are seeking to:

educate people on the effects climate change and pollution is having on our planet in an interesting and fun way.

On Saturday, October 12th at 2:30, the middle schoolers will address Plastic Production & Reduction Plastic Reduction. The Enviornmental Education Workshop will cover:

  • How plastic is made,
  • How it affects the earth,
  • How plastic is used in day-to-day life
  • What we can do to cut back on plastic usage

 All ages are welcome with no RSVP required. The talk will take place in the Eaton Meeting Room downstairs.

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