Photo Gallery: Heritage Day fun

Above: As always, Southborough scouts made up a big contingent in the annual parade. (image cropped from photo of Troop 67206 by Tatsiana Barna)

Monday was great weather for the annual fall festival, Southborough’s Heritage Day.

The parade was a long one with what seemed like half the kids in town marching. There were scouts, youth sports, school bands, and families representing community groups. Marchers were led by the public safety vehicles, veterans and elected town and state officials. As usual, the street was lined with onlookers, including kids happy to be catching the candy being tossed by some of the marchers.

Following the parade, the field was crowded with people checking out the many tents. There was also a decent crowd at the annual Library Book and Bake Sale.

(There were other satellite events, but I was unable to make it out to them and no one shared photos. If anyone wants to share pictures from the Historical Society events or the Art Show, I’d love to add them.)

Many of the photos below are from public postings to social media, and several are contributed. (But most are by my family.) For photo credits, click to enlarge.

Public safety vehicles led the parade (from Southborough Police Dept's Facebook post) Veterans and elected town and state officials always head up the procession (by Joao Melo) Before marching officials posed with scouts (from Senator Jamie Eldridge's Facebook post) Cub Scouts use the parade to promote the upcoming food drive (Heritage Day 2019 by Joao Melo) Pack 1 Cub Scouts (by Joao Melo)

Pack 926 Cub Scouts (by Joao Melo) Troop 92 Boy Scouts (by Joao Melo) Troop 1 Boy Scouts (by Joao Melo) BSA had a new troop this year - Northborough-Southborough girls 823 (by Joao Melo) Girls Scouts followed (by Joao Melo)

1st Grade Girl Scout troop 67206 (contributed by Tatsiana Barna) Daisies tossed candy to eager onlookers (by Joao Melo) Brownies had more candy to share (by Joao Melo) Native Plant Gardens of Southborough marched again promoting native plants and pollinators (from group's Facebook post) Friends of the Library marched in book themed costumes- including Maisie Rhys, 3, and her mom Mary Tinti as Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site (by Joao Melo)

Children's Librarian Kim Ivers organized the bookworms (by Joao Melo) Children's book and main character "Stick Dog Chases a Pizza" (by Kim Ivers) Book character Mary Poppins played by Heather Blore (by Kim Ivers) Youth sports included Jr. THawks football and cheer (by Joao Melo) Skyrise Theater's "float" (from Skyrises's Facebook post)

Skyrise Theater players (from Skyrises's Facebook post) Kindergroup turned strollers info floats (by Joao Melo) ARHS Athletics Council (tweeted by @ARHSAthletics) Algonquin band bringing up the rear (from Southborough Rec Facebook post) Classic cars joined the parade this year (contributed by Robert Bussey)

Another classic car (from Rep. Carolyn Dykema's Facebook post) Following the parade, classic cars were on display outside the Historical Musem (by Joao Melo) After the march, many stopped at the Friends of the Library Book Sale (by Beth Melo) And The Friends of the Library Bake Sale (by Beth Melo) More headed to St. Mark's field (from Southborough Recreation post)

Vendors sold food/wares and promoted their businesses (contributed by Robert Bussey) Rotary Club held its annual fundraiser selling Dominoe's pizza on the field (from Rep. Carolyn Dykema's Facebook post) Rep. Carolyn Dykema caught enjoying the Firefighter Association's chili from its fundraising booth (from Senator Jamie Eldridge's Facebook post) Booths offered activities for kids (from Chestnut Hill Farm's Facebook post) Some Girl Scout Troops held fundraisers (by Joao Melo)

Boy Scout Troop 1 held its big tent and activities again, this year with a little help from Troop 823 (by Joao Melo) Networking on the field (from BNI Greater Southborough Facebook page) Southborough Police sold pink patches for Breast Cancer research and awareness (contributed by Robert Bussey) It was a beautiful afternoon (from Senator Jamie Eldridge's Facebook post)

If you’d like to see more photos or bigger versions of the ones above, scroll down for links.* (If you’re looking for Pumpkin Stroll pics, I posted those here yesterday.) 

Local media also covered Monday’s fun.

Ed Karvoski Jr. wrote about it for the Community Advocate, including seven photos:

Metrowest Daily News and Wicked local shared online another 7 photos by staff photographer Art Illman:

More photos, and versions larger than I shared above, are available on social media. The blog’s album (photos by Joao and Beth Melo and other contributers) are here. Click the links for photos from the following Facebook/twitter accounts: Southborough Recreation, Jamie Eldridge, Carolyn Dykema, Southborough Police Department, Southborough Rotary Club, ARHS AthleticsNative Plant Gardens of Southborough, and Chestnut Hill Farm.

Updated (10/17/19 3:21 pm): I discovered a few instagram posts from the Art Show at the Community House. You can check local artists’ posts: patrickjsteelehappyuglypeople and allthingssparkly.

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