Southborough reminds trick or treaters of EEE threat

Above: Hopefully, most costumes will keep you covered today – but don’t forget to also spray with DEET. EEE is still considered a critical threat in Southborough. (images L-R cropped from flickr post by Steven Depelo and from

This late in the fall, many of you may have assumed the EEE threat has passed. The Town is reminding that it hasn’t. We never got the hard frost to kill the mosquitoes off.

If you assume that despite that, the rain will keep flying bugs away, don’t be so sure. Mosquitoes can actually fly in the rain. Fortunately, the weather does mean that most trick or treaters will be well covered.

But reminder – the recommendation is to wear long, loose clothing along with spray. So, be especially sure to use DEET on anyone trick or treating in tights or with exposed legs.

The Town posted this afternoon:

It remains important for people in Southborough to continue to take personal precautions against mosquito bites. EEE warnings are still in effect.

Remember to spray with DEET while trick or treating tonight! Learn more on the State’s website:

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