EEE precautions officially lifted for Southborough

This morning, the Town of Southborough updated the headline for its EEE update announcement page to read:

The Town of Southborough is /will be in the ALL-CLEAR as far as the EEE threat as of Sunday morning—November 10th

You may have noticed along temperature dip over the weekend. It was apparently cold enough, long enough to be considered the hard frost/deep freeze the the Town was waiting for.

After mosquitoes in town were tested positive for carrying triple EEE this summer, the Town placed a 6:00 pm – 6:00 am curfew on all Town owned land including playgrounds, playing fields and parks. The weekend’s cold is assumed to have killed off the mosquitoes (or enough of them) for the season. With that, the “critical risk” label is considered removed.

That means rec fields will be open for evening hours again.

As I posted last week, the public schools had already lifted their precautions. Based on that, Algonquin Football was excited to post that they’ll be playing under the lights again this Friday night.

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