Limited access to Town House tomorrow

If you were planning on conducting business in person at the Town Clerk’s, Treasurer’s, or Selectmen’s offices tomorrow, you should adjust those plans. The Town sent out a notice:

The first floor offices at the Southborough Town House will be closed to the public on Friday November 22, 2019 while ADA accessible counters are installed. This includes the Selectmen’s office, Town Clerk and Treasurer. The mailbox in the driveway will be monitored throughout the morning. Second floor offices will be open as usual.

I called the Town House to double check which departments will still be accessible. The most public facing ones on the second floor are the following: Assessors, Conservation, Economic Development, and Planning.

It looks like the Town chose a day that would have reduced impact on the public and staff. Friday’s normal Town House hours only run until noon anyway. 

(Many of the Town’s other departments are at Cordaville Hall or the South Union Building. Obviously, public safety and public works have their own buildings. You can always check on where departments are housed on the Town’s website here.)

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