Police Warning: 4 break-ins last week in Southborough

It looks like I missed an alert from the Southborough Police Department. The day after I rounded up news on the SPD from this fall, they announced three homes were broken into last week. Since then, posted logs show that at least one more home was burgled.

Police are warning about homes forced into during the day while homeowners are away. They are advising residents to take precautions and keep an eye out.

On Thursday evening, the SPD posted to Facebook:


There have been three (3) break-ins this week; one was reported on Tuesday, and two were reported today. All three were by force, and several items were taken from inside the residence. Two of the break-ins were on Boston Road, and the third was on Breakneck Hill Road.

We want to stress the importance of reporting any suspicious activity, and please consider a home security system to protect your property. Make sure your valuables are locked in a secure location, and your vehicles are locked as well. All of these breaks appear to have happened during the day, while the homeowners were out of the house. If you are at home during the day, please consider keeping a visual check on your neighborhood. Anything that looks suspicious, please give us a call.

As always, if you have any information regarding these break-ins, please contact Det. Nichols or LT. Newell at (508) 485-2121. Thank you

Yesterday, the SPD posted logs that listed a burglary was reported on Willow Street on Friday. None were listed as taking place over the weekend.

In November, the SPD alerted the public about two recent break-ins. Since then, they announced that someone was being charged with one of the crimes, but not the other.

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