House Hunters in Southborough tonight

Above: This Southborough home was one of the “options” buyers looked at on a reality TV show

OK, technically, HGTV’s “House Hunters” aren’t really in town tonight – except on TV screens. But the crew was in town to film an episode that airs tonight – “Outnumbered by the In-Laws”.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, buyers look at three homes and “select” one to bid on.* Last summer, Local Realtor Brad Morse showed homes to Dan and Katie Cummings. HGTV promotes:

A New England couple is ready to move out of her family’s place and into a home of their own. She still wants to live near her parents but he’d like a little more elbow room away from the in-laws.

One of the featured homes was the house at 26 Oak Hill Road in Southborough. One of the former owners reached out to me to update that the episode airs tonight.

The episode is scheduled to air at 10:30 pm tonight and 1:30 am tomorrow.

*At least, that’s the concept the show promotes. As some of you already realize, “reality” TV show producers tend to shape a narrative that’s quite different from reality. But to avoid ruining the sausage by detailing how it’s made, I’ll just leave it there.

Updated (1/8/19 3:36 pm): Initially, I “spoiled” the outcome. Turns out that the detail was one that was required to supposed to be under wraps.

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Sean Connelly
4 years ago

Miss my old house! Glad to have this episode for my children’s keep sake.

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