Seeking members for Capital Planning Committee – deadline today

Today is the deadline to apply for an important, new-ish committee in town – the Capital Planning Committee.

[Sorry for the short notice folks! A commenter’s question about this year’s budget reminded me that somehow I never posted this announcement.]

The Town is seeking volunteers to help with an important task that impacts residents’ wallets.

The reinstituted committee will study our Capital Expense needs. The committee’s work will impact what expense requests get put on the Warrant for a Special Town Meeting this fall. (You can read more background on that here.)

The idea is to make sure that before voters are asked to fund capital expenses that the requests make long term sense. Towards that goal, the committee is charged with assessing the Town’s inventory of facilities and properties.   

My understanding was the committee would also look at ways that capital costs can be cut through alternative options or outside funding sources. I was surprised to see that the charge doesn’t specify that. Though, that may be covered by references to “developing strategies” and “financially responsible manner”.

Here is the Town’s full announcement:

New Capital Planning Committee Formed
Selectmen seeking volunteers!
POSTED ON: FEBRUARY 20, 2020 – 3:49PM

The Capital Planning Committee shall be an ad-hoc committee made up of five (5) members, all appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The positions shall be filled by residents of the community who are willing to volunteer their time in assisting with the review and evaluation of capital items and projects contained within the Town’s Capital Plan, and developing strategies to move these projects forward for approval in a financially responsible manner. The Finance Director and Town Administrator shall act as ex-officio members of the Committee. As such, these positions will not count toward the quorum, nor will they have a vote on committee matters.


The primary charge of the Capital Planning Committee is as follows:

Work with Town Finance Team to maintain town’s capital plan. This will be achieved by regular meetings and discussions with Town Departments, Boards, and Committees that will put forward requests for Capital Funding as part of an Annual or Special Town Meeting. While this Committee will have no oversight of the annual operating budget, they need to be aware and receive regular updates of the operating budgets to ensure that capital needs are considered in an appropriate order and timing.

In the immediate term, perform a comprehensive assessment of all owned town facilities and property (including school properties). Work collaboratively with other town boards and committees to provide a plan for construction, remodeling, consolidation, or sale. Provide initial report on or before September 1, 2020 to Board of Selectmen and Advisory Committee.

​In the absence of a formal building committee for a specific project, this Committee will serve as point of initial approval for all project expenses, change orders, and invoices. Projects falling under the oversight of this Committee will specifically be decided as part of or immediately following any Town Meeting appropriation by a vote of the Board of Selectmen based on a recommendation from the Town Administrator.

If the Board of Selectmen decide to have a separate Building Committee for any specific project, then a member of this Committee shall be appointed.


The Capital Planning Committee appointments will be for one year terms.

Apply online:

or send a [letter] and resume to: Board of Selectmen, 17 Common St, Southborough, MA 01772 by March 4, 2020.


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