Mother of Michael Kelleher suing TD Garden over his death

In March 2017, a 23 year old Southborough resident went missing after a Celtics game. Weeks later, his body was discovered. It appeared that Kelleher, intoxicated when he left TD Garden, had fallen into the Charles River and drowned. Now a lawsuit has been filed against the TD Garden and its parent company for its alleged role in his death.

From MassLive:

The mother of a 23-year-old Southborough man who drowned in the Charles River after drinking during a Celtics game is suing TD Garden, alleging stadium personnel didn’t act to intervene when he drank to excess and eventually fell into the river.

The wrongful death suit, filed by Michael Kelleher’s mother, Lori Kelleher, in Suffolk Superior Court this month, also alleges that concession stand employees were not properly experienced, trained or supervised, and failed to exercise reasonable care when Kelleher became “obviously intoxicated” on March 29, 2017. . .

During the Celtics game, attendees saw Kelleher in his seat, severely drunk and at times in an “unconscious state,” the lawsuit says. Security personnel observed Kelleher’s behavior of surveillance video. He was also seen sitting on the floor “holding his heads in his hands” and walking around the venue in a “vulnerable condition.”

At the end of the game, Kelleher was separated from a friend and, within minutes of leaving the stadium, fell into the Charles River, the suit says. He had cried for help and drowned shortly afterwards.

You can read Kelleher’s obituary here.

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