Reminder: Pull papers for Town Election by March 20th, file by the 24th

If you’re interested in running for Town Office, you have just one week left to pull nomination papers. The deadline is 5:00 pm on Friday, March 20th to pull papers and March 24th to file them. (If you want to pull papers today, remember that the Town House closes at noon on Fridays.)

Below I’ve shared who has pulled or filed papers to date. There could be some races brewing, but it’s still too early to know. It also looks like there could be a vacancy on the Housing Authority.

Here are the seats are up for grabs in the May 12th election. (Unless otherwise specified, each have one seat available.):

Town Clerk – 3 year term
(filed) – James F. Hegarty, 14 Maplecrest Drive (candidate for re-election)

Moderator – 1 year term
Paul M. Cimino, 3 Austin Kelly Lane (candidate for re-election)

Assabet Valley Regional Vocational School District Committee – 4 year term
Mark Pietrewicz, 16 Mitchell Street (incumbent by appointment)

Board of Selectmen vote for two – 3 year term
(filed) – Lisa M. Braccio, 13 Oregon Road (candidate for re-election)
Chelsea Marie Malinowski, 1 William Colleary Lane

Board of Assessors – 3 year term
(filed) – Tammi A. Rice, 11 Prentiss Street

Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds – 3 year term
William J. Boland, 35 East Main Street (Candidate for Re-election)

Board of Health – 3 year term
Nancy A. Sacco, 24 Jericho Hill Road (candidate for re-election)

Board of Trustees Southborough Library*

vote for two – 3 year term
(filed) – Amy S. Yazdani, 16A Bantry Road (incumbent by appointment)*
Jane Cecilia Davis, 11 Buffalo Run (candidate for re-election)

vote for one – 2 year term
(filed) – Janet M. Maney, 21 Skylar Drive (incumbent by appointment)*

vote for one – 1 year term
(filed) – David C. Ekberg, 5 High Street*

Northborough-Southborough Regional School CommitteeSouthborough candidate – 3 year term
Paul H. Desmond, 5 Pinecone Lane (candidate for re-election)
Paul Butka, 8 Hubley Lane (candidate for re-election)

Planning Board – 5 year term
(filed) – Jesse T. Stein, 6 MacNeill Drive (candidate for re-election)

School Committee – vote for two –3 year term
Keturah Martin, 75 Deerfoot Road (candidate for re-election)
Kamali Aieka O’Meally, 8 Deerfoot Drive

Housing Authorityvote for two – 5 year term
(I’m told that incumbent Marianna Surette plans to pull papers to run for re-election but Bob Jachowicz doesn’t.)

For those of you considering a run, click here to open the Town’s full list of vital dates. If you have questions about the responsibilities of the positions, you can find information here.

Those of you who aren’t planning to run, may still want to note some important dates in our Town democracy. The voter registration deadline is April 22nd at 8:00 pm. And the final day to apply for an absentee ballot is noon on May 11th.

*For the Library Trustees – Three of the candidates pulled papers for all three of the terms listed on the ballot. They seem to have sorted out which seats they are running for by which papers they filed. To avoid confusion, I only listed each once.

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