Covid-19 update: 20 infected residents

The Town updated the number of infected residents this afternoon. A total of 20 Southborough residents have been confirmed. 8 are in isolation, with 12 having already been cleared.

Below are the latest stats from the Town website:

April 14th data on Covid-19 in Southborough

Updated (4/16/20 11:39 am): As of this time, the Town is still showing the same stats as above. Meanwhile on April 15th, Mass DPH posted a list of infected patients by town. It indicated there were 21 infected Southborough residents as of yesterday afternoon. I checked with the Town Administrator about the discrepancy. He said they determined that the state included someone who has been residing in an out-of-town assisted living facility for a number of years.

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4 years ago

it would be interesting to know what these numbers would have translated to today had we not closed schools and begun social distancing.
I’m sure there is a statistical model out there somewhere, I’ll add to the thread if I find one.

4 years ago

A couple of months ago it was predicted that if no precautions were taken, populations could expected an 80% infection rate.

Surely we’re well below that level.

4 years ago

There’s certain kids in and around the Southwood Dr./Parkville Rd neighborhoods that are still riding around in the same cars. there’s one down the street with a New York plate that showed up last week at a house and the two girls have been riding around all the time. Can you imagine that? With New York plates? This is unsafe behavior.

Frank Crowell
4 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Have you happened to observe cats and dogs sleeping with one another?

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