Matilda shares news of her adventures

Last week, the community rallied to try to find a beloved lost dog. She apparently took it all in stride, returning home safely in the middle of the night over the weekend.

Now, Matilda is “blogging” her adventures.

Greatly relieved owner Kate Gostic writes that Matilda:

returned home safely at 2.30am Saturday morning of her own accord. She was checked out by the vet today and her heart is fine. She has a little stomach upset and is taking medication for that.

She would like to thank everyone in Southborough for their efforts to recover her and all their good wishes and outpouring of love. These may seem like difficult times but with a community as wonderful as ours all looking after each other we can only be thankful.

Matilda is letting everyone know about her adventure in the woods through the post what happened in the woods at her new blog at

The news includes fascinating tidbits like:

I am retired now but once I was known in every house in Korea, My fans would come on buses, following me around Europe.

I’m not entirely convinced that Matilda’s recollection of her time away (including her capture by Wil E, a coyote) is accurate. But it is entertaining.

Click here for her blog. Enjoy.

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3 years ago

I am Happy That your dog returned home alive and well, sometimes pets are never seen again after such an event (loud explosions) I did not call the police that night because I thought, explosions that loud , their phone must be ringing off the hook .But if I ever hear anything like that again I will . There was no need for it on memorial day eve, or any other evening as far as I’m concerned

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