Congrats to ARHS Class of 2020

Above: Algonquin’s seniors participated in a “unique alternative graduation ceremony” last weekend. (images cropped L-R from Facebook post by J&M Diner and from tweet by ARHS Athletics)

Over the weekend, Algonquin Regional’s Class of 2020 graduated. I was finally able to get the list of graduates today and it contained a little surprised. There were 339 names.* (Click here to read them.)

On Saturday, the school hosted the diploma ceremony. ARHS’ The Harbinger reported:

On June 7, the class of 2020 and their families arrived to Algonquin to say one last goodbye to their high school experience in an unique alternative graduation ceremony that still allowed for students to walk across the stage and turn their tassels. Although families could not get out of the car, they still showed their support and excitement through decorations, horns, and lots of cheering.

The school paper’s article included a great photo gallery. You can view that here. You can find a few more photos in the Community Advocate’s article here.

To prepare for last week’s ceremony, Algonquin teachers delivered swag bags with graduation caps and gowns to students earlier in the week. (A few pics tweeted by ARHS Athletics are below.)

ARHS swag bag delivery (cropped from tweet by @ARHSAthletics) ARHS swag bag delivery (cropped from tweet by @ARHSAthletics) ARHS swag bag delivery (from tweet by @ARHSAthletics)

As I’ve previously shared, the school is shooting for a closer-to-traditional graduation ceremony on July 30th.

On Saturday, The Harbinger’s annual senior issue also came out. The special edition includes information on the colleges graduates are headed to next year. You can view that here.

*I inquired as to why the number of graduates had grown from the 338 that has been publicly promoted on banners and in articles. Principal Sara Pragluski Walsh explained that one was a transfer student who they “had the opportunity to code as still our student”. That change was very recently made. It’s the final number that will be reflected in the Dept of Education’s data for the school.

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3 years ago

Rather unfortunate group of letters in the banner obscured by the foreground…But, that’s photojournalism.

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