Southborough Gardeners’ Flower Flash thanks Essential Workers

The Southborough Gardeners asked me to share their announcement about a special thank you through flowers: 

Southborough Gardeners created a Flower Flash on the grounds of the Southborough Library to thank essential workers. The design was created to thank and support those who work each day for the public good regardless of race, religion or life orientation.

I wasn’t familiar with the term “Flower Flash”. It turns out that floral arrangements had been popping up in strange locations in New York thanks to a floral designer. In late May, displays outside of hospitals and dedicated to healthcare workers started making headlines.

The Gardeners’ display is split between two locations outside the Library. One is at the table and wooden benches near the corner of Route 85 and Main Street. The other is further west, at the granite benches abutting Common Street.

Click the images below to enlarge:

Southborough Gardeners Flash Flowers (contributed) Southborough Gardeners Flash Flowers (contributed)

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