Summer Reading invites kids to “Imagine Your Own Story”

This summer, the Children’s Room at the Southborough Library won’t be beckoning kids to enter. But the Library is still inviting kids to engage in the Summer Reading program.

With only curbside pickup service and digital offerings currently available, the program can’t be run the usual way. But that doesn’t mean they’re scrapping it. Like many services these days, the Library had to reimagine how to offer it.

That’s fitting, given this year’s theme.

Check out summer reading challenges on the websiteChildren’s Librarian Kim Ivers is asking parents to sign their kids up online for the reading program, “Imaging Your Own Story”. This summer, kids will still “hunt” for items and take part in challenges. They’ll just do it outside the confines of the Library. 

At the center of the program (as always) is encouraging kids to read. Children’s books from the Library’s collection are available through pickup. You can also checkout e-reader versions through their overdrive/libby and hoopla apps.

My favorite part of the summer activities is the craft kits that will be available for pickup at the library’s curbside table starting in a few weeks.

The program officially kicks off on Monday, June 22nd. But reading logs and activity sheets for next week are already available online. (For those who can’t print them at home, they will also be available at Library’s pickup area.)

The Library won’t be able to hold traditional programs with entertainers, but they will be offering four special events. Two yoga sessions for preschoolers will be offered over zoom. A children’s concert will be streamed live on Facebook. There’s also an off screen event in between. “Mr. Vinny” Puppets will be “hiding” with his big puppets in town. Kids will be given clues to track him down. (Click thumbnails below for flyers.)

Virtual Preschool Yoga flyer Mr Vinny Hide and Seek flyer Music with David Garden Facebook Live concert flyer

Below is the detailed summer program explanation from “Miss Kim”:


This will be a summer unlike any other, but the Library is still working to provide reading and other activities to keep your families busy! This is what’s happening:

  • The theme for Summer Reading this year is “Imagine Your Story”. Read anything you like, but with this theme also try a book about dragons, fairy tales, or unicorns!
  • Please register for Summer Reading using this link: Each child is a separate registration.
  • Reading logs are available to print on the Library’s website and through curbside pickup at the library. You can indicate on your registration which way you prefer. Email Miss Kim with your numbers of books read at any time…daily, weekly, monthly. A weekly update will be provided on how many books have been read by all Summer Reading participants.
  • Book Bingo gives everyone a lot of different ways and places to read. An extra challenge is not just to get Bingo but to complete all the squares! This can be done throughout the summer. Please feel free to share with the library if you finish the whole board!
  • There will be a “Weekly Challenge” every week for nine weeks. This will be included in packets for curbside pickup and also posted on the Library’s website and Facebook page. After the challenge is complete, email Miss Kim photos. Pictures of each challenge will be posted online the following week.
  • There will also be a weekly Scavenger Hunt with ten items to find around your house and outside. Lists will be available at curbside pickup and also on the Library’s website and Facebook page. This is just for fun…but if you would like to let us know if you finish the hunt, please do!
  • “Take It and Make It” craft kits will be available for curbside pickup starting the week of June 29. Each kit will have materials and instructions to complete a craft project, along with any other information about that week’s activities.
  • Go on a window hunt! Each week we will provide a new picture to go in your window. Color the picture, cut it out, and tape it in your window. As you go around town, see how many of the pictures you see in windows.
  • Check our website and Facebook page often for upcoming special events, including Story Times on Facebook Live with Miss Kim and staff guest readers, music with David Garden, and more!

Call the library at 508-485-5031 or Children’s Room directly at 508-281-8989
Email Miss Kim at
Visit the Library’s website at

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