Fire Chief: About 40 residents evacuated after landscaper’s excavator punctured gas line

Above: The Southborough Fire Dept provided details to local media about a punctured gas line that forced temporary evacuation of several homes. (images right from 7 News’ website)

According to news reports, nine homes on Constitution Drive were temporarily evacuated after a gas line was punctured yesterday afternoon. According to news reports, the evacuation only lasted about half an hour. No one was injured.

The story serves as an important reminder to contact Dig Safe to avoid similar or worse incidents.

7 News reports that Chief Achilles informed them that about 40 residents were evacuated before the leak was capped. The news channel posted video from the scene, you can view that here.

Southborough Wicked Local reports:

A landscaper punctured a gas main line to a Constitution Drive home on Tuesday. . .

“Luckily, there were no ignition sources and there was enough of a breeze that it dissipated,” [Fire Chief Steven E. Achilles] said.

The landscaper was using a small excavator at 37 Constitution Drive. The landscaper was doing some work around a retaining wall when it struck the half-inch gas line that went from the street to the home, the chief said.

Firefighters arrived and evacuated nine homes. They remained at the scene until Eversource arrived to turn off the gas. The company is repairing the gas line.

Achilles said the landscaper should have contacted Dig Safe prior to digging to find out if there were any underground pipes. It is not known if the landscaper had done so, Achilles said.

Eversource will be investigating.

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