Reopenings: Fitness Centers and an invitation to other businesses

Above: Three Southborough businesses reopened this morning. Do you have a business that recently reopened or is about to? Share your news. (images from Facebook)

Last week, the Governor announced that the state’s Phase III reopenings would begin today. That means that more Southborough businesses can reopen under special guidelines. Of course, there are others (like restaurants and hair salons) that already have under the previous phases.

Here’s an update and an invitation.

Fitness/Wellness Centers

I took a look at Fitness Centers and found that three updated on social media that they were reopening this morning. I included links to their posts below.

CrossFit TILT – Facebook  (The post indicates that they will still also offer virtual classes.)

Stronger-UprisingFacebook (On instagram, you can see a crew disinfecting the facility in preparation.)


These were the only related business I could find that posted news. If I missed one, please let me know.

Miscellaneous Reopenings – Share the news

I didn’t find any other business category for Phase III that I’m aware of being cited in Southborough. But there may be some I missed, plus others that opened during Phase II that I never shared. 

So, I’m putting it out there to Southborough businesses. Share your news.

Did you reopen recently, and  you want to increase awareness?

Do you have an announcement on an upcoming reopening?

Or maybe you’re a customer of a reopened business that you think deserves a shout out.

Post your news in the comments below. You may want to share where readers can get more information, through a website or social media.

To kick this off, I’ll share that Hola! Restaurant did follow through on plans to open indoor and outdoor dining. I updated my most recent post on restaurants to reflect that.

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