Enjoy some “Coffee Talk”

Above: SYFS is inviting the public to relax over a cup of coffee and enjoy a new weekly talk show. (image cropped from Facebook)

I just learned about a new morning chat show.

Forget network and syndicated shows featuring celebrities, gossip, and political news. “Coffee Talk” features members of the Southborough community. The new weekly show is hosted by three ladies of Southborough Youth & Family Services.*

Each episode will feature a guest speaker. Cassell also invited viewers to write in. In the “pilot” episode, SYFS Director Sarah Cassell explained:

provide a space for people to come and share their thoughts, their feelings, their stories about what’s going on in their lives, in their neighborhoods. There’s not many places we can go right now, and it’s kind of hard to connect with one another.

Below is a promo SYFS posted in June:

The show airs on Facebook Live at 10:00 am on Tuesday mornings. But if you’re interested, you don’t have to wait until the 28th to check it out.

Southborough Access Media is producing the videos (recorded over zoom) and has posted four episodes in a playlist on their YouTube Channel. You can find those here. You can also find them on Facebook, including the fifth episode from yesterday morning.

*The regular hosts of the show are SYFS Director Sarah Cassell, Program Coordinator Shannon Kinayman, and Asst. Director Meaghan Eiland.

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