Regional School Committee to discuss Reopening Plans

Yesterday, I updated that the Combined School Committee meeting tonight to discuss school reopening plans only combines the Northborough and Southborough K-8 committees. Today, I learned that the district posted an agenda for a Regional School Committee meeting this Friday morning.

Like the K-8 meeting, the open discussion follows a closed executive session expected to take about an hour. That means while the meeting begins at 8:00 am, the public may not be able to view it until around 9:00 am. Also like the other meeting, the public is asked to pre-submit any questions for the Audience Sharing portion. 

Unlike the other meeting, the open session on Friday morning may tackle another topic before Reopening Plans. The committee is scheduled to discuss “OPEB Investment Strategy”.

I  updated “The week in government” post to include the new meeting, along with other meetings posted since I wrote it.  Agendas now include the Open Space Preservation Commission, Economic Development Commitee and Board of Health.

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