Time to get your new Transfer Station Sticker (Updated)

Above: The Town tweeted news that the DPW has an outside, walk-up window for purchasing Transfer Station permits in-person on weekdays. That’s just one option for getting the new sticker before the September 15th deadline. (image tweeted by @17common)

This year’s Transfer Station permit stickers expire in just over a month. According to the 2020-2021 Transfer Station rules, starting September 15th new stickers must be “in place” in order to access the station.

There are multiple options for purchasing the sticker, including in person. But none are for buying them in-person on a Saturday when most residents use the refuse and recycling facilities. So, you’ll probably want to plan ahead.

Stickers are restricted to Southborough residents. For most of us, the cost is $250 per household. (The charge applies to the first car, with no fee for additional permits.)

As has been the case for years, homeowners 65 years and older can get their permits for free.* But there won’t be a drive-thru service for them at the Senior Center this year. 

For anyone else with limited income/financial hardships, you should be aware of the Town’s fee waiver allowances. You can find those here.

Here are the details to acquire one: 

  • You can easily purchase the sticker(s) online. Paying by Echeck only adds 50¢ to the $250 permit, but using a credit card adds a 2.95% fee. (That amounts to $7.38.) [Editor’s Note: It looks like I overstated the ease for online purchase. You could run into a glitch.**]
  • You can fill out a mail-in form and send it in with a check. (Checks are payable to the Town of Southborough but get mailed in to their vendor – so don’t drop them in the Town Hall mailbox.)
  • You can walk up to the DPW’s outdoor window this year. The hours are weekdays 7:30 am – 4:00 pm. You’ll need to bring a check or credit/debit card and a copy of your current vehicle registration(s) with you. (I’d presume you also need to wear a facemask.) The DPW Building is at 147 Cordaville Road (down the hill from the Transfer Station).

If you do drag your feet in making the purchase, there’s no financial penalty for buying stickers after September 15th. You’ll just need to get one before you can resume using the facility.

You can find more info on the Transfer Station on the DPW’s dedicated page.

*The fee waiver for seniors applies to residents who are owners of record of a Southborough residence who will turn age 65 on or before 12/31/20.

**Updated ( 8/11/20 10:09 am): I just tried to pay for my sticker online. It wouldn’t go through, repeatedly insisting that “State is required” although the state fields were completed under address and vehicles. So, I called the vendor at their help number – (508) 381-5456. I was told that that had been a known problem but was “fixed” yesterday. Well, it wasn’t working for me. Fortunately, the friendly customer service agent offered to take my info over the phone and quickly entered it for me. An email confirmed her info went through.

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