Storm leaves the Southborough Library, Town House and many households without power (Updated-Again)

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Updated (10/9/2020 7:4 am): Great news. Despite yesterday’s dismal looking restoration estimates, NGrid only lists one Southborough customer as still without power this morning!

It looks like both the Town House and Library have had their power restored. However, I didn’t have luck getting through to the Town House this morning, so phones may still be temporarily down. (It’s too early for anyone to answer phones at the Library.)

Updated (10/8/2020 5:01 pm):

This afternoon, National Grid is now listing 9 outages and 51 customers without power. It appears that a few outages weren’t reported until late this morning and early this afternoon.

As of this afternoon, restoration times have been estimated, and they’re not great. Four outages impacting 40-44 customers are estimated to be fixed before midnight tomorrow, Friday, October 9th. The remaining five are estimated as by 6:00 pm on Saturday, October 10th.  

That means, don’t expect the Library or Town House to be open tomorrow.

While NGrid has made progress, they’re still dealing with more than 1,900 outages impacting over 35,000 customers.

A severe thunderstorm that quickly whipped through last night took out power for about ⅓ of Southborough “customers”. The biggest outages were fixed last night.* But, the utility is still showing 7 outages in town impacting 43 customers. Two of those customers are the Southborough Library and the Town House. That also means their phones are down.

Currently, the outage fix times are still being assessed with over 1,900 outages across the state impacting over 59,000 customers.

The Southborough Library will be holding its outdoor storytime this morning. (No power’s needed for that!) Staff will also put out books that were scheduled for pickup this morning – at least until close to 11:00 am. If power isn’t restored by then, they plan to pack up and close up. (Without power, they have no ability to check in and out books, take requests, or schedule pickups.)

After 6:00 pm last night, National Grid showed 1,478 of its 4,315 customers in Southborough as impacted. Later, some customers temporarily lost power (likely while National Grid worked on lines).

As for the Town House, I’d try communicating by email re any business you have. You might even get some responses this morning as some municipal employees have been frequently working from home due to the pandemic. 

For some households, this is surely adding additional stress about working and/or schooling from home. I haven’t seen any communications from the public schools about any impact to individual schools or remote learning today. Northborough is currently listed as having 412 customers without power.

If I get any updates from the Library, Town House, or schools, I’ll update this post.

*My power was restored a little after 9:00 pm, and I believe that was due to the largest outage being fixed. But there was at least one other large area in town, no longer listed as out of power. One Facebook commenter said hers was restored in the middle of the night.

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