Household Hazardous Waste Day (& Electronic Recycling) – Saturday

If you’ve been looking forward to Household Hazardous Waste Day to clean out your garage/shed, prepare to load up your car/truck this Saturday. But note the event limitations.

Southborough’s annual day for residents to rid themselves of “Household Hazardous Waste” is this Saturday.

On October 24th from 9:00 am – noon, bring your related items to the Public Works Garage down the hill from the Transfer Station. (Not the hopper!)

Hazardous waste day 2020 flyerWhile disposing of the specified items is free, the event is limited to those who have current, valid Transfer Station permit stickers.

The disposal day is combined with an electronic recycling event for TVs and computer monitors. That isn’t free. Scroll down for fee details (or click on flyer right.)

Not every hazardous item is welcome under the Household Hazardous Waste day. The Town will not accept:

Gas Cylinders, Explosive Materials, Motor Oil, Radioactive Materials, Infectious and Biological Wastes, Prescription Medicines/Syringes, Esters, Unknown Materials, Full Drums, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Asbestos, Medical Waste, Shock Sensitive Materials and Reactive Chemicals

Also not to be brought to the garage – Latex paint and Alkaline batteries. That’s because they are on the non-hazardous list of materials accepted as regular waste you can toss in the hopper. (Though, according to Transfer Station rules, the latex paint must be dry first. The state recommends drying wet paint by adding kitty litter or sand to the can. It also asks for the can lids to be removed before disposing.) 

For a reminder of what items are allowed during normal Transfer Station hours, click here for the 2020 rules. For more details on recycling dos and don’ts click here.

As for the hazardous items you can dispose of that day, even they have quantity limits.

The flyer states that each household can bring 5 Gallons (or equivalent) of the following items to be disposed of: 

From the Yard:

  • Pesticides
  • Insect Sprays
  • Rodent Killers
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Muriatic Acid
  • No-Pest Strips
  • Lead sinkers, flashing Creosote

From the Garage:

  • Auto Batteries
  • Antifreeze
  • Brake Fluid
  • Wax & Polish
  • Engine Degreasers
  • Carburetor Cleaner

From the Workbench:

  • Rust Remover
  • Wood Preservatives
  • Paint Thinners
  • Oil Based Paints
  • Solvents
  • Degreasers

From the House:

  • Drain & Oven Cleaners
  • Furniture Polish
  • Metal Polish
  • Photo Chemicals

Electronic Recycling

Below are the details on the electronic recycling you can do at the same time and place:

CRT’s will be accepted for a Fee. Checks must be made out as payable to Veolia. (No cash or credit card payments allowed.)

  • $15/Computer Monitor
  • $25/TV under 25 inches
  • $75/TV Greater than 25 to 50 inches
  • $100/TV Larger than 50 inches

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