Are you missing this cat?

Above: Is this friendly kitty a friend of yours? (contributed pics)

A resident on Moulton Road found a friendly feline in her yard. Concerned the tagless cat may be a lost “escapee”, she took the cat in.

If it’s yours (or you know whose it is), please email Trica K at

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Tricia K
2 years ago

Just got an email informing me that this is an indoor/outdoor kitty that lives up the street. Going to let her out now.
Thanks, Sara for letting me know.

I love cats ( and birds too)
2 years ago

Very sorry to hear that some still think it’s ok to allow cats to roam outside. In addition to being prey to wild animals or becoming roadkill, there is the huge impact they have to our bird population.
Most people don’t think of their pet cats as skilled killing machines. And very single person I’ve mentioned it to justifies letting their cats outside, usually saying either
1. “My cat doesn’t kill birds” (of course they do – you just haven’t witnessed it)
2. “They only kill the sickly birds” ( no that bird wasn’t sickly, just exhausted after flying for thousands of miles to get here, it was a migrating song bird)
Here’s the facts

Birds Are Vanishing From North America

“The number of birds in the United States and Canada has declined by 3 billion, or 29 percent, over the past half-century, scientists find.”
“ Everyone knows that cats are hunters. But even wildlife experts were stunned by a new report last week that as many as 3.7 billion birds are killed by outdoor cats in the contiguous United States each year. That’s far more than the 1 billion that previously had been estimated, and more than are killed by any other single source such as collisions or oil spills.”
Even if you hate birds -If you love your cat keep them indoors. You risk their life every time you let them out.

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