Food Pantry Collection to be held at Transfer Station (Updated – revised needs list)

Above: The Southborough Food Pantry is looking for support right now to stock clients up for Thanksgiving.
(image cropped from flyer)

[Editor’s Note: The Food Pantry notified me that the list I received wasn’t their most up-to-date needs list. I’ve replaced the list. You can open it here, or scroll down to read it.]

Since Southborough’s Scouting for Food was cancelled this year, Boy Scout Troop 92 came up with another way to help support the Southborough Food Pantry. They will be placing collection boxes at the Transfer Station this week.

Before you run out to drop off your donations, please note that due to current conditions, the Pantry is asking people limit donations to the items they really need.

Troop 92 explained that the Pantry has a shortage of storage space since they quarantine donated items for a few days before distributing them to minimize risk of COVID transmission.

Earlier this month, I shared a needs list. Troop 92 submitted an updated version. (Scroll down for that.)

As for dropping off the donations, you can do that any day in the bin at the back of Pilgrim Church. (Though, they were encouraging Thanksgiving related items to be brought in by this Friday.)

This week, you can also combine the drop off with running your other errands at the Transfer Station. Troop 92 announced:

To help the Food Pantry meet its need, Troop 92 is placing a collection box at the Transfer Station from 8 am to 6 pm on November 12, 13 and 14, near the recycling center. Please bring items from the attached list. Thank you for your support of the Southborough Food Pantry!

Here is the updated needs list: 

Thanksgiving Needs:
Bread and muffin mixes (NO corn bread)
Flour (2lb & 5lb)
Sugar (2lb & 5lb)
General items needed now:
Zip Lock Bags (Sandwich and Quart)
Corned Beef Hash
Mac & Cheese
Canned potatoes
White Tuna in Water
Peanut Butter and crackers in multipacks
Tin Foil
Dish Detergent
Dog food – wet or dry

If you aren’t able to fit in a grocery run this week, I recently shared news that there are other ways to donate including by check or online shopping. You can read those details here.

Updated (11/12/20 8:34 am): The Food Pantry notified me that the list I received wasn’t their most up-to-date needs list. I’ve replaced the list above. You can also open it here.

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