Survey on K-12 learning & 4-day in-person elementary attendance; respond by Friday

On the night before Thanksgiving, Superintendent Gregory Martineau issued his November newsletter. Halfway into it parents of Northborough and Southborough public school students are encouraged to offer feedback on an important survey.
The announcement refers to a survey on how the current learning models (hybrid and remote) are working. Following a link to the survey for elementary survey reveals that the district is using it to investigate increasing in-person opportunities to four days per week for K-5 students.
The survey closes this Friday, December 4th.
According to the newsletter the responses will be used to inform the District’s work going forward:
The District is grateful to families for their support and flexibility as the District has navigated new ways of working together. Thank you in advance for participating in this survey, as family voices matter more than ever in today’s unique school context. 
Parents are encouraged to complete one survey per child. Surveys are split by age group:

The age group spilt is an important one. According to the K-5 survey, the district is considering increasing in-person time for elementary school students. That’s something that isn’t proposed in the survey for middle and high school students.

The elementary school survey notes:

The District is investigating an increase in the amount of in-person schooling for students in kindergarten through Grade 5. We are seeking data about the decisions that families would make if the hybrid model included increased in-person learning. In these scenarios, we are asking families to commit to a model from January through April. We recognize that planning ahead is difficult in a pandemic; however, we are asking families to forecast their decisions for three possible scenarios. These responses are non-binding. 

The survey asks parents to answer how they would react if the schools expanded hybrid attendance from two days in-person attendance to Tues-Fri in person attendance. (It also notes that Mondays, currently a full remote day would become a half day remote. No explanation is given.)

Parents are asked if that change would prompt them to switch their students to or from the fully remote “Stand Alone Remote Program”.

A follow up question asks how they would react to the same plan if social distancing space between students was halved. Currently, the district enforces a 6 foot distance. The state only requires 3 feet. (The district’s public health professionals had insisted this summer that the 6 feet was necessary. That was one of the reasons the administration had asserted that 100% in-person learning wasn’t an option in our schools.)

Additional questions in both surveys also ask parents to give feedback on how the current model is working for your child and family. In addition to rating the experience, there are opportunities to explain issues that are posing challenges and any concerns you have.

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