Covid Update: 65 active cases, 231 total

Dec 23 - tracking Covid in Southborough

Above: The Town appears to be catching up on clearing active cases from the post-Thanksgiving surge. (Click to enlarge)

Southborough’s post-Thanksgiving Covid-19 surge is continuing. However, the reported number of active cases is now significantly lower. (It dropped by about a third. That’s consistent with the information I shared on Tuesday about an artificial high caused by Public Health’s understaffing issues.) 

The Town’s Covid-19 figures were updated as of 6:30 pm on December 23rd, raising the total cases by 4. The Town’s cumulative total over the course of the pandemic is now 231.

Dec 23 - Confirmed per Day in Southborough over 14 daysCurrently, 65 cases are still deemed active. 65 is also the number of cases reported in the past 14 days. (The two week figure is down from the peak on December 17th of 77 cases. See image right.)

Below are more updated graphs:

Dec 23 - Covid by ages in Southborough Dec 23 - Covid by ages in Southborough over time  Dec 23 - Cumulative total Covid in Southborough

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