Shir Joy Chorus presents “Let Us Have Songs” – Sunday

Above: Once upon a time, Shir Joy Chorus held in-person concerts. This weekend, they are inviting the public to enjoy their concert online. (image from website)

Central MA’s Jewish Community Chorus based out of Congregation B’nai Shalom is holding a special concert this Sunday.

Shir Joy Chorus will present “Let Us Have Songs”. The event over zoom is described as a winter concert of hope and harmony.

Like so many performance groups, Shir Joy Chorus has had to change the way it makes music in this time of the pandemic. With in-person rehearsals canceled mid-season, the group has learned to adapt to find ways to continue singing together—even when singers are apart.

Shir Joy’s winter concert “Let Us Have Songs” combines the best technological adaptations to distanced singing; it’s the next best thing to being there.

Director Nan AK Gibbons is excited about this new concert format. “We’ve rehearsed on zoom with recordings, practiced and made videos that were combined to make virtual chorus recordings. More recently, we met in our cars to sing safely with wireless microphones, listening to each other over FM radio!

“In addition to many innovative new Virtual Chorus videos, our concert will feature recordings from our new Parking Lot Sessions, and remastered recordings of several songs from our best past performances—some reimagined with new video imagery.”

The concert is this Sunday, February 14,from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. Reservations are required. 

The performance can be enjoyed for free, but they hope that some will help sustain Shir Joy by paying an optional fee:

If you are able, please consider our voluntary Reservation fee of $18—the number 18 in Hebrew is “chai,” which means life. We have other voluntary Reservation fees available, starting at $5.

If you are unable to pay the Reservation fee because of Covid-related circumstances, choose the Complimentary Reservation option. We invite you to make a donation to Shir Joy when you are able and if you are so inspired. Thank you!

To learn more or to register to view the concert, click here.

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