Storm Warning: 4-8″ in Southborough; Remote schooling only today

Early this morning, parents of Northborough-Southborough Public School hybrid students learned that school won’t be held in-person today. The school is switching to remote learning (which won’t impact the final day of the school year).

The announcement is based on a Winter Storm warning. National Weather Service’s latest forecast snowfall map splits Southborough between 4-6″ (southeast) and 6-8″ (northwest) zones. Below are the NWS hourly forecast and maps

NWS Hourly forecast Start of storm NWS map snowfall map NWS end of storm map NWS

As for how school is being handled today, parents should look for emails from the school principals as each school appears to be handling it differently. (For instance, Trottier Middle School will have zoom sessions for Cohort B, while Cohort A will follow it’s expected asynchronous learning schedule. Meanwhile, Algonquin teachers will individually communicate whether they will hold fully remote classes for both cohorts or only zoon with Cohort B.)

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