Happy winter trails: Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, and Hiking in Southborough

Above: Southborough trails are beckoning with cross country ski and snow shoe opportunities, complete with available parking. (images cropped from STC’s Facebook posts)

Yesterday, I came across some recent posts from the Southborough Trails Committee (STC) worth sharing. The committee promoted that thanks to the DPW crew, parking was available at Town trailheads for people who would like to do some snowshoeing or cross country skiing.

Of course, at that time we were in the midst of a new snowstorm covering the lots back up. This morning, I followed up with Public Works to find out the latest status. The good news is the lots were cleared again today.

According to DPW Superintendent Karen Galligan, the DPW has always cleared the lot at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land. Thanks to the advocacy of the STC, it now also clears parking at other trailheads. (The lots are usually cleared about 1-2 workdays after a snowstorm.)

According to STC’s posts, the trails off of Rt. 85 (adjacent to cemetery) offer good snowshoeing. The Rt.30/Old Northboro Rd trailhead “connects to a variety of trails suitable for both activities.” You can also park along Parkerville Rd (next to athletic fields) and at the end of Ward Rd to easily access the trails.

You can find trail maps here.

The committee also thanked whoever laid ski tracks “along the open channel”. I’m sure yesterday’s snowfall covered those up. But if you come across new tracks, keep in mind one important trail etiquette tip STC noted: 

when you see ski tracks, avoid walking over them. Lots of effort goes into breaking trail.

You can see some of the pics shared with them below:

If those pics aren’t enough to convince you to hit the trails, perhaps the ones below are. STC held a photo contest for winter scenes on Southborough Trails. Here are the winner and several other beautiful vistas they posted:

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Kelly Roney
3 years ago

The trail next to the reservoir from the intersection of East Main and Framingham Rd. around to Boston Rd. at the Rte. 30 causeway was lovely at dusk tonight. I snowshoed over and back. Someone had been there before me, though not apparently wearing snowshoes.

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