SFD granted funds for its student and senior fire safety programs

The Southborough Fire Department announced that it once again received grant funding for its “SAFE” programs:

The Southborough Fire Department is proud to announce that we have been awarded grants in the amount of $4,692 for our S.A.F.E.(Student Awareness of Fire Education) program, and $2,480 Senior S.A.F.E. program from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services. These important S.A.F.E grant funds will be used to conduct fire education programs for school aged children and to conduct fire education programs and purchase fire prevention items for members of our senior population.

According to the state’s announcement, the SFD is among 239 municipal fire departments that “will receive nearly $2 million in grants to fund fire education programs for children and older adults across Massachusetts.”

In past years, the SFD shared posts on work done for SAFE using their specialized trailer at Town schools. In 2015, the SFD posted:

SAFE training at Finn in 2015 (cropped from Facebook)FF Jason Roach and FF Scott Navaroli spent the day teaching fire safety to the First Grade classes at Finn School. Through the use of the Fire District 14 Fire Safety House, students were taught the importance of crawling low under smoke, evacuating the home, and having a meeting place outside. Firefighters go to the school four times a year and teach Kindergarten and First Grade students about the importance of not playing with matches & lighters, stop, drop & roll, and escaping the home in the event of a fire.

That year, they also shared news of a special program to keep seniors safe:

Thanks to our annual Senior SAFE grant we are working with the Southborough Housing Authority to outfit some of our high-hazard areas with Stovetop Fire stops. Small canisters of fire suppression powder that can help prevent larger kitchen fires. We will be doing more and more each year.

You can read more about that here.

In 2016, the SFD posted about a different approach they have been taking to teach seniors about safety:

Celebrity firehouse chef FF Scott Navaroli and Lt. Chris Dano presented a cooking demonstration at the Senior Center while at the same time teaching the importance kitchen safety to prevent home fires and burn injuries. There was a standing room only crowd of seniors on hand to see a cooking demonstration by FF Navaroli while Lt. Dano delivered the importance of cooking safety for the aging population. Chef Navaroli prepared lasagna pinwheels which were served to the crowd for lunch. Great job by FF Navaroli and Lt. Dano, they were a big hit.

You can read more about the annual grants by the state through my coverage last year, and the state’s website and press release.

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