Letter: Southborough’s Neighbors for Peace and Hate Has No Home Here Denounce Hate-fueled Violence

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To the Editor:

With the tragic shootings this week in Atlanta, our nation has once again witnessed a hate crime in near real time. Far too often when we live further away from horrific events like this, we tend to move on with our already full lives. Yet, as poet John Donne described, when a bell tolls anywhere for the loss of life, we must realize it tolls also for us, for none of us is an island by ourselves.

Southborough’s Neighbors for Peace and Hate Has No Home Here condemn these acts of violence and hate perpetrated against the eight people who were murdered—most of whom were women of Asian descent—against the lone survivor of the shooting, and against the others present who witnessed these traumatic events. Lives has been altered forever due to hate. After the news media have moved on, the grief and pain will continue for years.

As our Jewish, Christian, and Muslim neighbors begin their celebrations of Passover, Easter, and Ramadan in the coming weeks, we keep the calls of redemption, new life, and charity in the forefront of our hearts so that we might continue to seek peace for all people. We urge you to join us. Read the stories of the those who have died with interest and care. Take time for a moment of silence to remember them and their families. Listen to the experiences of both people of color and women who see this event as just one more act of racially-motivated violence and misogyny in our nation. Consider the place fear, inhumanity, and hate have been given in our culture, and what we each can do to move toward harmony and goodwill for all. Finally, work for that change. None of us live lives disconnected from others; with each death we lose a piece of ourselves. Let each of us champion peace.

Southborough’s Neighbors for Peace and Hate Has No Home

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Xujing Ding
3 years ago

As mentioned in this letter, it is crucial for us as a community to unify as one against racism. There will be an event this upcoming Saturday and Sunday(March 20 and 21). It will be a rally against anti-Asian hate crimes at the Southborough library. Us as a community should come together and rally against racism.

Beth Melo
3 years ago
Reply to  Xujing Ding

Thank you for bringing the event to my attention. It appears that the gatherings are actually across the street from the Library.

I’ll be posting the info later this morning. In the meantime, I can share that the gatherings will be at 2:30 pm each afternoon.

3 years ago

Yes – let us not forget what is going on in the East against an ethnic group, the Uighurs – simply because they are not members of the Han majority!






Silence = Death.

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