Covid Update: Southborough cases up

March 23 - tracking Covid in Southborough

Above: Over the last week, confirmed cases (click image to enlarge)

With the Town updating its figures today and the school administration publishing its weekly Dashboard through Sunday, it’s time for another look a the numbers.

As of this morning, 435 residents have been confirmed as infected with Covid-19, 39 labeled active. 26 cases were confirmed in the prior 14 days, 21 of those in the prior 7-8 days. (That’s back to mid January numbers.) The majority of those over the past week were split between residents in age groups under 20 yrs olds and from 50-59 years old.

(For details, click on graphs above and below.)

  March 23 - Confirmed per Day in Southborough over 14 days March 23 - Cumulative total Covid in Southborough March 23 - Covid by ages in Southborough March 23 - Covid by ages in Southborough over time

NSBORO School District Data:

The Northborough-Southborough schools’ Dashboard for March 15th – 21st shows 9 cases were confirmed in the district, 250 over the course of the pandemic. 

124 students/staff were isolated or quarantined last week.

The pooling program screened two asymptomatic patients as positive. The report also indicates continued growth in student participation*, though still not up to their target of 80+%:

  • Trottier is up from 53% to 55%
  • Woodward is up from 56% to 61%
  • Neary is up from 58% to 60%
  • Finn is up from 43% to 48%
  • ARHS is slightly down from 48% to 47%

District staff participation went back up from 79% to 81%

Below are charts and info from the latest Dashboard and my tracking of their data since the start of the school year.

March 21 - NSBORO Covid-Dashboard p 1 March 21- NSBORO Covid Dashboard p2 March 21 - NSBORO Covid Dashboard p3 March 21 - New cases in NSBORO schools by week March 21 - NSBORO Students-Staff in Quarantine-Isolation March 21 - Algonquin Students-Staff in Quarantine-Isolation March 21 - Southborough Students-Staff in Quarantine-Isolation

*The public schools can’t require all students to participate in the screening program. Although, they can (and Algonquin does) require it in order to participate in in-person after school activities like Athletics and clubs.

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