Acknowledging 20 years serving Southborough’s United Parishes

Above: Representatives from the United Parishes of Southborough offered a long overdue congratulations to Bob L’Heureux on his retirement from the council after 20 years of service. (contributed photo, scroll down for details)

For 20 years, Robert L’Heureux served the community as a representative on the United Parishes council. Although he retired in 2019, the pandemic kept other council members from gathering to congratulate him last spring. 

This spring, council members were finally able to recognize his service in person. They shared a photo and details:

contributed photo - scroll down for detailsIn the 1970’s, the clergy of Southborough formed the United Parishes of Southborough Clergy Council. In 1999 they felt that there was a need for a similar group composed of lay members of the community churches.

The United Parishes Lay Ecumenical Council was formed from 2 members of each of the churches in Southborough. In 2002, the two Councils became the United Parishes of Southborough, Inc.

Robert (Bob) L’Heureux was one of those Founding Members having moved to Southborough with his family in 1963 and becoming a member of what was then the Southborough Federated Church.

Bob continued this volunteer service on the Lay Council through 2019. Just before Covid he retired his position as Representative of the First Community Church on The Council. He had attended years of monthly committee meetings, helped plan and set up all the Annual Easter Sunday Services, and assisted in planning the Annual Thanksgiving Services.

All of this in addition to the many roles he has filled over the years at The First Community Church where he is Deacon Emeritus and Administrative Assistant to the Pastor.

He was presented with a framed Letter of Appreciation and a Gift Certificate to his favorite restaurant by a gathering of members of the Lay Council. A gathering together that has not been possible until now because of Covid. His sage input at meetings will be greatly missed.

(photo Front row: Will Monaghan of St. Anne’s Church, Karen White of St. Mark’s Church, Anne Elfland of Sr. Matthew’s Church; Second Row: Robert L’Heureux of First Community Church, Dianne Simmons of First Community Church, Barbara Jandrue, Director of the Southborough Food Pantry)

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