Food Pantry in need of specific donations

Above: Needed donations for the Southborough Food Pantry can be dropped in the bins at Pilgrim Church. (image from Facebook)

The Southborough Food Pantry is calling on the public for help. A post on Facebook yesterday shares:

This is the FIRST Monday when I have had only 1 bag of donations from these tubs for sorting.

Our web page is on hold for now, without a list, because our IT person moved out of state. We are in the process of getting someone to take it over. There is no Needs List on line.

Not everyone has Facebook.

This is our only source of donations at the moment.

Not all of the items and sizes on our list can be bought through Amazon/Whole Foods.

The pantry requests that only requested items on the list be donated. (That’s due to capacity and handling issues during the pandemic.) And they remind to check the expiration dates.

Below is the most recent needs.. (If you are reading this post days from now, click here to check if the list has been updated.):

Cans of Plain Tomato Sauce
Jars of Pasta Sauce
Chunky Peanut Butter
Chili With No Beans
Cranberry Juice
V8 Red Cap
Capri Sun
Mayonnaise (Not Miracle Whip)
Angel Hair Spaghetti
Plastic Wrap
Tin Foil
Cranberry Juice (64 Oz)
Beef Soup
White Tuna
Dish Detergent
Zest Soap

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