Regional Vaccine Clinic Update (Updated – Again)

Regional Vaccination Clinic flyer

Above: The Town is sharing good news and thanking those who helped make it happen. (click to enlarge)

Southborough’s Public Health Department asked me to share good news on the regional vaccination efforts.

A flyer touts the great numbers for Southborough teens vaccinated. They are estimating 82% of Southborough’s 16 year+ to be fully vaccinated and 79% of 12-15 year olds at least partially vaccinated.

In more good news, I was able to confirm that there have been no new cases of confirmed infections since the May 25th report. As of June 1st, no cases were confirmed as still active in town. (According to Sunday’s NSBORO Dashboard, no students or staff in the Northborough-Southborough public schools were confirmed infected last week either. For an updated look at the vaccination and infection stats for the town and schools, click here.)

For those still seeking a vaccine, you can call the Board of Health at 508-481-3013.

The Regional Covid Vaccine Clinic at the Doubletree in Westborough is taking walk-ins these days. (They are also honoring previously made appointments, just not making new ones.) But there are some details you should know in advance:

  • Walk-in hours are 2:30 – 5:30 pm the following dates – June 9, 10, 11, 16, 18, and 22.
  • The Clinic’s last day will be June 22nd. That means you can only get one dose at that site between now and then.
    • For those ages 18+, you can choose the J&J one-dose vaccine (available each open day)
    • Anyone 12+ can also get the first dose or second dose of the Pfizer vaccine (available each open day)
    • Moderna (also only for ages 18+) is only available during specific clinic hours. If you need a second dose call the BOH for help with that schedule.

The Regional clinic isn’t the only option for vaccinations. You can also make appointments through the state’s system here.

The Town’s flyer thanks all those who contributed to local vaccination efforts. That includes those who collaborated to make the Regional Clinic a success.

Credited are Southborough:

  • Firefighters/EMTs
  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers
  • Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteers
  • Board of Health’s full-time, part-time, and temporary staff

The flyer notes that BOH staff also “conducted many home-bound and special population vaccinations”.

Updated (6/8/21 11:19 am): I initially misread and misstated the % of 16+ as being 16-19 year olds.

Updated (6/8/21 11:44 am): I learned that the local clinic is taking walk-ins during certain hours – and some other important details on the clinic.

Updated (6/8/21 1:14 pm): A reader pointed out a typo. The clinic’s last day is June 22nd.

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Dean Dairy
1 year ago

A flyer touts the great numbers for Southborough teens vaccinated. They are estimating 82% of Southborough’s 16-19 year olds to be fully vaccinated and 79% of 12-15 year olds at least partially vaccinated.

In all this ballyhoo, parents deciding not to have their children vaccinated at this point deserve support as well. The unquestioning acceptance that this unapproved, experimental mRNA injection does not come with its own risks and that it should be foisted on everyone, regardless of their risk from the underlying Covid disease, is troubling.

The shortened product development of the mRNA shot as opposed to traditional vaccines is of unquestionable benefit to at-risk populations at the onset of a pandemic such as Covid, which may outweigh any short- or long-term risk posed by the experimental therapy. Especially since that underlying disease risk is correlated with shorter remaining life expectancies due to advanced age — a briefer period over which any long-term effects could manifest themselves.

Conversely, however, rushed injection of adolescents who are at low risk from Covid, who pose a low risk of transmission, and who have life expectancies extending several decades into the future seems unwarranted if not irresponsible.

Experimental mRNA therapies do show enormous promise for the treatment of people already suffering severe diseases like cancer. There, the risk from the disease is injection specific and already manifest in the person receiving the experimental therapy.

Here, the experimental mRNA therapy is being “touted” as a population-wide prophylaxis. That its application is being pushed irrespective of the individual risk-benefit should instead require more research, FDA approval (still pending) and recognized for what it is: one of the largest scale human medical experiments in history.

Moreover, the plan is to make administration of mRNA shots and “boosters” routine because the immunity conferred from the shot appears to be less efficacious than natural immunity from Covid, which most non-at-risk people appear to survive either without major symptoms or with the aid of improved therapeutics.

It should be noted that choices do exist. Alternative “sub-unit” vaccines are likely just weeks away from emergency use authorization. These vaccinations do not involve using laboratory mRNA to hijack protein synthesis within your cells in order to trick them into creating Covid-like spike proteins, which in turn triggers an immune response.

Instead, sub-unit vaccines use antigen proteins already crated in the laboratory and inject those in the manner of a traditional vaccine, without using mRNA to take over the protein synthesis occurring within your cells.

Parents shouldn’t feel pressured into having their children vaccinated, especially by the very same “experts” who in all likelihood sponsored the reckless lab research that unleashed the worldwide Covid pandemic in the first place.

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