Covid Update: New details from BOH on recent cases – Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated

With the recent uptick in Covid cases in Southborough, I and others had questions about how many cases were “breakthrough” for vaccinated residents.

Initially, the Board of Health was unable to answer questions due to federal laws protecting patient privacy (HIPAA). Now that more cases have accumulated, Public Health Nurse Taylor West was able to share more details on the situation.

Of the 80 cases since since April 1, 2021, 15 were breakthrough infections of residents who were fully vaccinated. She noted:

While it does seem like a lot, we also must remember that our community has a higher percentage of fully vaccinated residents and therefore we are going to see more breakthrough than some other towns.

Again, West asked me to make clear:

we are not seeing any severe illness in residents that are fully vaccinated who test positive.

As for a question about the age of the 27 cases “under 20 years old” confirmed since June 1st, 7 were under the age of 12 (about 25%).

Below are some of my recent graphs tracking cases and vaccinations in Southborough:

Aug 9 - tracking Covid in Southborough Aug 9 - Covid by ages in Southborough over time Aug 3 - Fully Vaccination progress by age group

For more stats, info on local testing sites, and how to find vaccination clinics, see yesterday’s post.

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