Arts & Crafts at the Library: Drop-in Art and Mandela Pumpkins

Above: Two popular instructors will return to the Library’s lawn. Kids can drop in for art or sign up for a pumpkin crafternoon. (images L-R edited from Library Facebook post and from Wicked Good Henna website)

The Southborough Library will host two special arts/crafts events on their lawn this October. One is a “Drop-in Art” activity, while the other “Crafternoon” requires pre-registration.

Children ages five and older are invited to drop-in to enjoy art on the lawn this Saturday, October 2nd between 10:30 am and noon. Art instructer, Southborough’s Lanting Huang-Truong. Last month, she helped kids learn about print making. This weekend, she’ll be helping young artists make leaf art on rocks and paper:

Drop-in Art with Lanting in September 2021 (edited from Library Facebook post)Let your creativity show by joining us for this fun project outside on the front lawn of the Southborough Library.

No registration is required.

Registration is necessary to take part in a special “Crafternoon” next month.

On Wednesday, October 20th from 4:00 – 5:00 pm, crafter Mandy Roberge will return to the Library Lawn. As a long time practitioner of Henna applications, Roberge has a lot of experience with painting Mandala inspired patterns. That afternoon, she’ll apply the art to mini pumpkins:

mandala pumpkin (from Wicked Good Henna website)Crafternoon: Mandala Mini-Pumpkins. . .

Join Mandy Roberge for this fun Halloween activity! Let your creativity fly in this workshop where various painting techniques, including pointillism, are demonstrated but not required. As always, participants are encouraged to create something from the heart.


Sign up is through the Southborough Recreation website here.

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