Annual Kids’ Shop – December 4 at St. Anne’s Hall

Above: Boy Scouts help kids shop for gifts at their annual gift shop. (photo by Joao Melo)

Stories about supply chain issues may have some families holiday shopping earlier than usual this year. Boy Scout Troop 92 is hoping that younger shoppers will hold off for a few weeks.

Each year, Boy Scout Troop 92 puts on a Kids Shop. It’s where children to buy gifts for their families (even pets) without their parents’ prying eyes.

Kids Shop Flyer 2021As usual, the event will take place on the first Saturday in December. Organizers are asking you to save the date for December 4th, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

When you mark your calendars, be sure to enter a different location this year. Due to covid, the sale is moving from its traditional home (a Woodward) to the parish hall  at St. Anne’s Church, 20 Boston Road.

The hall will be converted to a kid-safe department store. Tables are stocked with inexpensive items. Scouts personally escort children to help them select their gifts. They even wrap the presents for free.

(And if you can’t trust the Boy Scouts to be honest about the kids’ change, who can you trust?)

While waiting, adults can enjoy a bake sale and coffee.

There is something special about the experience. When my kids were younger, they loved the shop. They were so excited and proud to pick something out on their own and keep it a secret from everyone until Christmas morning.

It’s worth making the effort to bring your kids by!

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