Weekly Covid Update: 19 Active Cases; 27% of 5-11 yr olds reported as partially vaccinated

Southborough Board of Health updated their Covid figures as of yesterday morning. There were 15 new cases confirmed in one week and 53 cases in two weeks.

19 cases were labeled active out of the Town’s cumulative of 710 cases throughout the pandemic. (Since last week, five previously active cases were considered “Lost to Follow Up”.) For more details, click on thumbnails below:

Nov 15- tracking Covid in Southborough Nov 15 - Confirmed per Day in Southborough over 14 days Nov 15 - Cumulative total Covid in Southborough Nov 15 - Covid by ages in Southborough over time Nov 15 - Covid by ages in Southborough

The past week’s Covid cases represents a dip in the surge last week. The most recent report by Mass Dept. of Public Health (issued November 11th)* covered the peak of the surge, indicating 68 cases in town over two weeks. In that report the % of tests confirmed positive was 3.17% (higher than the prior report). The Average Daily Incidence Rate per 100,000 was 47.3 (also higher than the prior period).

For details, including a look at the Average Daily Incidence Rates in our region as of that report, click on thumbnails below:

Nov 6 - Southborough Testing and Positivity Rates Nov 6 - Southborough covid map

NSBORO New Cases & Transmissions

  • Nov 15 - New cases in NSBORO schools by weekTracking the latest Daily Case Counts reveals that in the 5 days through November 15th, 12 new cases were reported in Northborough-Southborough K-12 schools, 83% from Southborough K-8. 
  • In the weekly Dashboard ending November 10, there were another 17 cases, 10 of those also in Southborough K-8.
  • In the Dashboard, there was 1 new “probable” cases in-school transmissions and 4 more “possible”.

Nov 10 - Test & Stay in NSBORO schoolsNSBORO Testing

  • The pooled screening confirmed 1 asymptomatic student/staff as infected in the week ending November 10th. 
  • 2 other cases were identified through the school’s “Test to Stay” program.

Nov 9 - Vaccinations-tableVaccination rates

As of last week’s report by Mass Dept. of Public Health on vaccinations by town – 9,257 Southborough residents had received shots (as of November 2nd). In the first week the shots were available, approx 27% of 5-11 year olds received a shot.

See demographic details below:**

Nov 9 - Residents vaccinated by age Nov 9 - Vaccination progress by age group - 1 dose or more Nov 9 - Vax progress by age group - 1 dose or more - starting summer 2021 Nov 9 - Fully Vaccination progress by age group Nov 9 - Fully Vaxxed progress by age group - starting summer 2021

(For more details on those groups, plus race/ethnicity, click here.)

Testing and Vaccine opportunities

For those looking for information on getting tested or vaccines, here are some links for where to find info on:

*The state’s report was based on tests taken in the 14 day period ending on the prior Saturday.

**Population figures are just estimates. I use demographics extrapolated from 2019 census data since the state’s population data was clearly outdated.

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