Southborough #2 in list of most expensive “typical” homes in Worcester metro area

Above: Stacker took a look at Zillow’s data on typical home values in Southborough, and by zip, to rank the expense here versus other Worcester metro area cities. (map of current market cropped from Zillow)

The website Stacker ranked Worcester metro area “cities” by the expense of buying a home. Southborough was the 2nd most expensive, only outranked by Harvard.

The stats are simply based on the “typical home value” in each city according to Zillow. (No comparison is made of the values of similar homes in different locations.)

The article listed the 20 most expensive cities but didn’t cite how many in the region were evaluated. (I’m presuming it was a longer list than 20 since the region extended as far beyond us as Harvard but the article doesn’t mention Marlborough or Hudson which lie between.)

In Southborough, the typical value was listed as $818,554. That was significantly closer to Harvard ($828,713) than #3 Bolton ($750,161).

Our partners in public schools, Northborough, were ranked #8 with a typical value of $566,642 (over 30% lower.)

The article also noted Southborough’s one year price increase of 17.3% and a 5 year increase of 40.4%. You can check out the story, including graphs of price changes in the 20 towns over the past 5 years, here.

In a linked post, Stacker also ranked the most expensive zip codes for the region.

The main zip code for Southborough (01772) was again #2. This time the value was $805,262 with a 17.7% 1 year increase and 38.3% 5 year increase. 

The Fayville post office zip code of 01745 was still in the top 10, but much lower at #8. Fayville’s typical home value was $552,788, with a 1 year price increase of 16.6% and 5 year price increase of 40.4%.

Northborough’s only zip came in at #7.

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