Town facilities closed today but not all services

Due to the storm, the Town has announced that due to the winter storm, Town offices will be closed today. The announcement clarifies that departments will be working remotely, “and are available to communicate in a timely fashion.”

The Southborough Library is also closed today and it’s safe to assume the Senior Center is as well. The Library plans to reopen on Saturday.

While snow/sleet will continue for the rest of the day, the National Weather Services’ updated map this morning shows an updated forecast of only 4-6″ more inches beyond whatever fell by 7:00 am. (Given that I didn’t pay close attention to how much was out there at 7, and how hard it was snowing after that, I’m not sure what that brings the total expected tally to.)

Things will be getting sloppier in a few hours.

Yesterday’s forecast had sleet and snow falling at the same time mid/day. Now it’s being shown as a clearer shift from snow to sleet for a couple of hours starting around 11:00 am before switching back. Below are updated graphics. (Radar is of storm traveling north.)

Updated forecast map snow/sleet radar NWS updated Forecast for February 25 storm

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1 year ago

Is the post office working today?

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